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Fueling What’s Possible: Intro to USAV & Juice Plus+

Fueling What’s Possible: Intro to USAV & Juice Plus+    

As you may have heard at conference, Juice Plus+ is now the exclusive nutritional supplement partner of USA Volleyball. Aligning with professional athletes was a no-brainer for us because all athletes can benefit from the nutrition and convenience of Juice Plus+, from little league to the Olympic games.  


“Our whole-food nutrition products are ideally suited for athletes to ensure they get all the essential vitamins and minerals they need, especially when training and traveling,” said Paulo Teixeira, our CEO. 


As these pros fight towards their ultimate goals, Juice Plus+ will be along for the ride, starting with several joint events. But that’s not all. We’re stacking our roster with professional athletes from multiple sports across all stages of their careers. So there’s something for every fan. 


“We also recognize that convenient nutrition is important for more than just athletic performance,” says Paulo, “as we see this partnership inspiring present and future generations toward better health.”  


So what can you look forward to? 


Be on the lookout for athlete appearances at Juice Plus+ LIVE Events, plus new content on our blog and social channels that shows how the pros use Juice Plus+ to fuel what’s possible.  


And who exactly are we rooting for? 


First up is Brittany Hochevar, a four-time Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Champion, currently representing the USA at the Federation of International Volleyball World Tour (FIVB) Follow along as she trains, competes, and travels —with her Juice Plus+ in tow.  


Also on the roster are professional athletes from a wide range of sports – all of which demand physical discipline, mental toughness and, of course, the proper nutrition to fuel it all.  


You’ve seen her speak at Conference. Now, dive deeper into Winter Vinecki’s career as a triathlete and Olympic aerial skier. She’s also globally recognized for her commitment to community service for young athletes.  


Former National Football League (NFL) wide receiver and coach  Ricky Proehl now lives out his passion for sports, mentorship, and good nutrition at the sports complex he created, Proehlific Park. He’s taken Juice Plus+ since 2003. He won the Super Bowl in 2007   


You might recognize Zane Grothe from the mainstage at Conference last fall; we’ll dig into his rigorous training routine as he prepares for the 2020 Olympics with the US National Swimming team.


And last but not least: retired gymnast Shannon Miller, a seven-time Olympic medalist and cancer survivor, will continue to share the healthy habits she cultivates in young athletes.   


As the video says: to be unstoppable, we must keep challenging yesterday’s best. As we take this journey with USA Volleyball and our athlete partners, we extend this challenge to you as well.  Keep reaching, keep assisting. Keep failing and readjusting. Juice Plus+ is the fuel—what’s possible is up to you.  


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